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SXSW 2021

Aravrit: Joining Letters, Ideas and People

This session will officially deal with letters and typography, but in fact it will present how design can be meaningful and change people's minds and perceptions. By introducing the concept of Aravrit, a hybrid writing system fusing Hebrew and Arabic which is entirely readable in both scripts, I will share how it joins people, lives and ideas. In Aravrit, one can read any chosen language, without ignoring the other one, which is always present.
Aravrit's story emerged from observing life and opportunities and continues to inspire people from all around the world (BBC, London Design Museum, TEDx). In using letters, a basic ingredient of day-to-day activities and systematically modifying them, an impact is created.
Hybrid, as it turns out, is the new way to look around us.

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  1. Design these days can be impactful and change people's life. It can go beyond being beautiful and functional without compromising on these.
  2. We are in hybrid times. Try taking things and put them together in creative ways. New messages and never-thought-of solutions will emerge.
  3. Observe what is around you and combine it with theory from different disciplines. Your daily surrounding will form an authentic, grassroots project.


  • Liron Turkenich, Typeface Designer and Researcher, Aravrit


Liron Turkenich, Typeface Designer And Researcher, Aravrit

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  • Tags: Design
  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Presentation
  • Track: Connection in Disconnection
  • Level: Intermediate
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