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Escape Game from Disrupted Society?

This session will give participants an experience of “Interlingual Escape Game” which requires deaf people who communicate using sign language and hearing people to work together to solve puzzles. The game was developed by IGENGO Lab. (an organization by deaf people & hearing people) and Japan’s public media, NHK. The only way for success being to work together on equal terms, the participants take a deep dive about social inclusion, and universal design in the context of the media and society.

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  1. Take a deep dive about the new horizon of communication by the combination of non-verbal languages (for example, sign language) and puzzle-solving.
  2. Promote to redesign the relationship with disabled people in ways that go beyond efforts by able-bodied people to be inclusive towards the disabled.
  3. It will be possible to learn about processes by which the media can work with disabled people to create new angle to society.



Yuki Yoshida, Senior Producer, NHK Japan Broadcasting Corp

Meta Information:

  • Tags: universal design
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Work
  • Track: Media & Public Engagement
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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