How to Build Resilient Online Learning Communities

COVID-19 exacerbated inequities that educators have long worked to address and opened up opportunities for students to learn and connect online. Virtual afterschool programs have the potential to help close equity gaps by introducing students to technologies like AI while engaging them in hands-on challenges to develop skills like resilience, collaboration and problem solving. Key to success is building community capacity by supporting the adults in their lives – parents, educators and mentors.

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  1. Understand the unique challenges and opportunities of virtual afterschool programs with a focus on STEM.
  2. Gain a framework for designing virtual programs that help students become more resilient, confident, and adept at problem-solving.
  3. Share insights about training parents, educators and mentors to guide students through a virtual afterschool program focused on STEM, particularly AI



Kristen Stippich, Sr. Dir. of Marketing & Communications, Technovation

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