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SXSW 2021

The Interconnected Universes of Transmedia IP

Scalable transmedia Storyworlds enable vastly unique and individual experiences connecting fans across the multiple media verticals of Gaming, Film, Comics, Novels, Music, Podcasts, and other entertainment mediums, encouraging deeper engagement with the brand. This model for the development of transmedia IP lays out a vast web of interconnected properties that feel cohesive through a fully developed product pipeline and enables creators to introduce IP through specialized strategies based on game development. Alex Amancio, Reflector’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer and one of the visionaries behind Assassin’s Creed, will lead this talk on revolutionizing the way creators and fans interact with original IP.

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  1. How the development of scalable transmedia Storyworlds enable fans to have vastly unique and individual experiences that encourage deeper engagement.
  2. The ways you can develop transmedia IP to lay out a web of cohesive properties interconnected through a fully developed product pipeline.
  3. Game developers are positioned to be the key media companies capable of scaling a transmedia IP through their specialized development strategies.



Ryan Smith, Account Supervisor, Rogers and Cowan

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