SXSW 2021

Making Dollars While Making Change


Wondering if the problem you're looking to solve is impactful enough?

Not only are doing well and doing good no longer antithetical concepts, they can’t afford to be. In a world that is calling on companies to be than profit-generating vehicles, this session is about how entrepreneurs and game changers, especially Black ones, can find the coveted intersection of business and social impact.

The session's ultimate goal is to send participants off with motivation and tangible strategies for building double and triple-bottom-line businesses.

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  1. Meaningful best practices and tips for a life of entrepreneurship that’s fulfilling and impactful, also all laid out in Jonathan’s book
  2. Industry-agnostic strategies and prescriptive advice for building double and triple-bottom line businesses
  3. The challenges and opportunities of black entrepreneurship and economic empowerment, and how those are major drivers of the economic growth



Stella Binkevich, Cfo, QUARTZ WATER SOURCE

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