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High-Speed Connection: Community in Online PD

The abrupt pivot to virtual professional development was met with trepidation, but satisfaction rates went through the roof. By combing thousands of participant survey responses over the course of five months, The EL Education team identified feedback trends, debriefed daily, and enacted "micro-moves" to immediately and measurably improve the experience for everyone. Come hear about these micro-moves that can be made in any type of virtual engagement to foster inclusivity and build community.

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  1. I can begin to reimagine types of connections possible in the virtual realm
  2. I can name several strategies to use to build community in an online space
  3. I can begin to consider the realities (and challenges) of remote engagement when designing my own virtual events


  • Kari Horn Lehman, Director, Partnership Development, EL Education
  • Angelica Jackson, Manager, EL Education
  • Caitlin McKenzie, Associate Director, Curriculum Partnerships, EL Education


Kari Horn Lehman, Director, Partnership Development, EL Education

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