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SXSW 2021

Cannabis Media Coverage: Fair or Biased?

It seems that no writer can resist a good pun when covering cannabis. “Hazy” profits. The latest “buzz.” But with the industry being deemed essential during the COVID-19 pandemic and increased legalization, has the mainstream media given it the serious representation it deserves or just blowing smoke? This panel brings together journalists covering the cannabis industry from business and lifestyle perspectives. They’ll delve into how media coverage has changed for cannabis companies over the years and discuss the high bar companies need to achieve to gain media attention. They’ll also grapple with how misinformation persists and how the careful art of semantics - such as using the word dope vs. cannabis - changes reader perceptions.

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  1. What stories do journalists want to tell about cannabusinesses today? How is that different from pre-COVID? A few years ago?
  2. What biases still exist on the mainstream media side? On the reader side?
  3. How can companies and the media take responsibility to dispel misinformation and raise up the industry rather than tear it down?



Gina Larson, Creative Director, Mattio Communications

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