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SXSW 2021

Leveraging Tech for the Future of Belonging

Belonging is a basic universal human need that pervades every arena of our lives. Over the next decade, loneliness, disconnection, disaffiliation and exclusion are expected to be more pervasive. In many ways, the avenues for belonging have diminished or become hidden. Tech offers opportunities to pioneer new approaches to find the validation, support, safety, connection, and meaning that comes from belonging. This session will discuss how applying futures thinking to tech can illuminate how founders can examine how to re-design products and remodel approaches tech-enabled services to fulfill the basic human need for belonging.

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  1. Understand the components and implications for belonging as a vital human need and drive
  2. Identify the future forces shaping belonging over the next decade
  3. Learn three key principles of belonging and see applications of these principles in tech



Vanessa Mason, Creator, Future of Belonging

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