SXSW 2021

The Rise of Tabletop Games During the Pandemic


When the pandemic first hit the US in March, social distancing and virtual game nights began to become the new norm. To supply this demand, gaming companies had to quickly figure out solutions to create connections -- even at a distance. Hit tabletop games creator Exploding Kittens pivoted their games to be compatible with social distancing protocols and video chat to provide a sense of connection when the world was safest in isolation.

In this session, Carly McGinnis, Head of Production, Sales, and Logistics, will delve into how the company continued to provide connection during disconnection, how this will impact the tabletop game industry in the future, and why the future of tabletop gameplay will evolve.

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  1. Understand how tabletop game companies plan to make their games more virtually accessible to provide connection during disconnection.
  2. Learn how the pandemic positively affected the tabletop games industry and the lessons small and large game companies learned.
  3. Recognize the challenges and roadblocks faced when creating new virtual rules for original tabletop games.



Jillian Kwasizur, PR Coordinator, JSA Strategies

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