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SXSW 2021

How to Strike Gold with Your Brand Partnership

Younger generations have changed the definition of what successful influencer marketing looks like. By skipping typical commercial breaks and bypassing misguided celebrity campaigns, consumers’ interactions with advertising have changed drastically.

From De Beers using movie stars to sell engagement rings in the early 1900s, to McDonald’s tapping musicians for their own signature meals, influencer marketing is a tactic as old as time. But while some executions are authentic and pack a punch to light culture ablaze, most of them fall flat.

Hear from the minds behind successful partnerships like Travis Scott x McDonald’s, Post Malone x Bud Light, Beyoncé x Adidas, and the NBA x AT&T’s Code of Culture on what influencer collaborations need to look like to succeed in internet culture.

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  1. Debunk the idea that fame & influence are the same (or equal). Discuss why & how consumers are motivated by other people, and not by brand platforms
  2. How to design mutually beneficial brand+influencer relationships through innovative collaborations that transcend brand marketing vs one-off campaigns
  3. Working cultural moments from different industries, like music & sports, into brand storytelling versus trying to turn brand storytelling into culture



Sanam Shah, PR Specialist, Wieden + Kennedy New York

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