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SXSW 2021

Indigenous Storytellers: New Tech, Timeworn Tales

When people speak of underrepresented communities, indigenous people are often left out of the conversation. Yet their history of living storytelling is similar to what is found within so many other marginalized groups. This panel brings together successful women who are using the power of immersive technologies to share the history and correct the misconceptions around indigenous people. Social impact champion Jessica Lindl will moderate this discussion, asking each panelists to offer their experience utilizing technologies such as virtual reality and game development to amplify the issues and tell the stories that make up the rich narrative of their communities. Find out how these same tools can be used to build bridges among other underrepresented groups.

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  1. Understand how new tech tools like VR and gaming are helping tell the stories of indigenous people
  2. Learn to leverage immersive technology to create understanding of marginalized groups
  3. Hear case studies of how creators developed diverse teams to help carry out their vision



Amy Scarlino, CEO & Founder, Scarlino Speaker Strategies, LLC

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