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SXSW 2021

The Psychology of Purpose: Why Brand Values Matter

System 1 versus System 2 thinking. System 1 is automatic, intuitive. System 2 is controlled, analytical, based in reasoning. We’d all like to think we use reason when it comes to deciding which brands we support and why, but we spend way more of our time in System 1 thinking when making decisions. Hear from experts in the space as they unpack new research revealing how individuals implicitly and intuitively choose Purpose-driven brands when making quick assessments, and how this understanding of the role values and emotion play in driving brand affinity can help us better engage with consumers – for the benefit of business, brands and society.

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  1. Unpack psychological and social science methods to better engage, activate and mobilize individuals around the critical issues facing society today
  2. Hear new implicit association testing research revealing why consumers intuitively choose Purpose brands
  3. Learn from experts on how to harness marketing and communications practices to build better Purpose-driven companies and drive change


  • Stephen Lepitak, Executive Editor [Former], The Drum
  • Whitney Dailey, Vice President, Marketing, Research & Insights, Porter Novelli
  • Renée Lertzman, Ph.D and pioneer in psychological and sustainability research, Renée Lerztman LLC


Whitney Dailey, VP, Marketing/Research & Insights, Porter Novelli

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