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SXSW 2020

Covering Chaos: Battling New Beasts in News

As news media becomes increasingly fractious in a world gone digital, journalists face unprecedented challenges in reporting news. Social media ubiquity allows anyone to share or livestream footage from the thick of breaking news events, reaching staggering audiences left to make sense of chaos themselves. The advent of canny doctored video like deepfakes and need to decipher video sourced from conflict zones, comes a growing emphasis on digital verification techniques in newsrooms. How can journalism navigate our shifting digital frontier, made treacherous by viral fakery hidden among potentially story-breaking but unverified source material, and defend against faith in the press eroding further? What weapons must the news industry muster to cut through cyberspace, serve public interest?

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  1. Not even live video of events happening right now on the ground is immune and can be "deepfaked".
  2. Video agencies have an increased responsibility to verify content they offer to media and to understand what's coming.
  3. Follow the creators! Creatives on social media offer a glimpse into what is possible now and how technology may be misused in the future.


  • Laura Lucchini, Head of Newsroom, Ruptly
  • Joe Galvin, Director of News , Storyful
  • Derpfakes Unknown, None , Derpfakes


Jonathan Cuadros, Territory Mgr, Ruptly

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Media & Journalism
  • Level: Advanced
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