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The Humanities in the New Landscape of Higher Ed

The foundations of higher education are wobbling, and as the financial pressure mounts for both universities and students alike, humanities and the liberal arts are being marginalized more than ever. Consider this: What would higher ed look like without degrees? Can we still make a lasting impact with the humanities? If we, the educators, are willing to be proactive and innovative, we can start to rethink traditional curricular models. In other words, we can start building the future—now.

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  1. A perspective on the changing status of degree programs and a reflection on how those programs may be forced to change in the near future.
  2. A rethinking of our approach to the humanities, especially in the context of the changes that are likely to come.
  3. A concrete consideration of how we as educators can be proactive and seize the initiative in setting the course for the future of higher ed.



Corey Olsen, President, Signum University

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