SXSW 2020

Extended Family: We Exist Because of Each Other


In this day and age when we are connected as never before, we need to reflect on exactly what connection is. Anju Ishiyama, a leading authority on sharing economy and an actual practitioner of being a member of an “extended family,” that is, a community of people with no blood relationships, believes in the Eastern philosophy “We exist because of each other.” In Japanese religion, multitudinous gods exist and the adage is “God is everywhere and we all exist together.” Humans are thought to be part of a whole, not an individual unit. Therefore in the Japanese society, one naturally is conscious of each other and feels no discomfort in the concept of a connectedness. She will explore how a new type of human relationship could lead to fulfillment.

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  1. Understanding the Eastern concept of multitudinous gods; Realizing that we are already all connected
  2. The concept of “we exist because of each other;” the importance of trust, good will, support of each other, bonding, and understanding each other
  3. The Eastern philosophy “Extended Family;” Connecting people in a fragmented society



Kumiko Kitamura, Executive Producer, AOI Pro. Inc.

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  • Event: SXSW
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