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SXSW 2020

The Power of Collaboration: The Evolution of Food

Japan's agriculture is facing an aging problem. Children do not take over because it is not profitable, and many businesses closed down. Local farmers are highly aware of their expertise, but less aware of money-making and changes in the world. An active learning expert who taught at Harvard has launched a new project 10 years ago. Through collaboration with experts in other fields, the products that have not changed have been reborn as new products one after another. In some cases, sales increased 100 times in 3 years. The project became a movement and is now spreading all over Japan. Recently, they have started collaborating with famous hotels in Asia and US. This is a must-see for those who are interested in food innovation in regions suffering from aging.

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  1. By teaming up with experts in other fields, even local people can quickly create hit products.
  2. Give people the opportunity to take on challenges actively rather than force them to do this, and they will grow.
  3. Every country has its treasures locally. When combined with foreign experts, there are surprising business opportunities.



Kumiko Kitamura, Executive Producer, AOI Pro. Inc.

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