Multiplayer AR Lessons in the Streets & Classroom


Our textbooks, curricula and public spaces tend to focus on the history of white men. With augmented reality, we can highlight underrepresented narratives in the classroom and in the streets through public interventions. The goal is to empower students to see themselves represented through the technology of tomorrow while hitting curricular standards. Multiplayer AR lessons create space for fun and interactive ways for students to learn about stories of women and people of color.

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  1. Understanding the various aspects by which you can tell a story through an augmented reality storybox
  2. The value of 5G Technology in creating high-quality educational experiences
  3. Educators recognizing the importance of students seeing themselves in what they learn in the classroom and in their community



Glenn Cantave, CEO, Movers & Shakers NYC

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  • Tags: edtech, social justice
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Hands On
  • Track: K-12 Education
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  • Level: Field Experience

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