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How to Build a Culture of Digital Citizenship

Schools are dealing with issues like cyberbullying, privacy violations, and Internet safety with students—without a roadmap to guide them. Digital citizenship is a 21st century skill in which students learn to use digital media safely and responsibly. Building a culture of digital citizenship takes commitment from a variety of stakeholders. This panel features the work of the New York City Department of Education and Common Sense Media, a nonprofit who is working with the DOE to provide education resources and professional development on digital citizenship and Internet safety. You’ll hear about what the DOE has done to change policy, integrate digital citizenship into schools, and involve families, amongst the challenges of a large bureaucracy. You’ll also hear from a NYC school principal who has made digital citizenship a priority in her school. And, you'll see examples from classrooms showcasing best practices.

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Learning Objectives

  1. What are the opportunities and challenges of making digital citizenship a priority in a large urban school district?
  2. What are examples of best practices in schools teaching students and involving parents in digital citizenship education?
  3. What resources are available to teachers who are integrating digital citizenship into their curriculum?



Tali Horowitz, Regional Manager, New York, Common Sense Media

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