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Tech Innovation Needs to Be Quantum-Proofed!

Quantum technology is estimated at being tens of thousands to millions of times faster than current computers & more power means tasks such as breaking encryption become massively easier, exposing financial records, personal data & other sensitive info eg medicals. Blockchain is particularly vulnerable because it has a single point of failure. Cybersecurity market has been working on "Quantum-proofing" itself for decades, other disruptive technologies need to work with cyber market to do same

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  1. How Quantum Computing works, its applications & resultant vulnerabilities to other resultant technologies
  2. Countries & industries leading the race to "Quantum Supremacy"
  3. Actions for the audience (small business, enterprises esp cyber/blockchain, governments, investors, social activists) to achieve/advocate Quantum



Kiran Bhagotra, CEO & Founder, ProtectBox Ltd

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