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Leveraging Adults' Inner Child in Online Learning

What happens to the learning curve when there are no set assignments, no deadlines, and nothing connecting you to your instructors?

Bridging the gap between the freedom of a Medium series and the pay structure of a college course can be a challenge for both students cramming in their off-time and the online institutions set on retaining them.

This panel will explore how both parties can utilize the child-like instinct to learn in a way that’s both sustainable and mutually beneficial.

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  1. How to establish rapport with students who make their own schedule and don't look to you for grades.
  2. The importance and best practices regarding followup to push learning/mastery, and therefore client retention.
  3. Ideal course structure to encourage attendance and avoid post-euphoria drop off.



April Bingham, Copywriter, Just One Dime LLC

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