SXSW 2020

A Workforce Development Initiative: Making PAsmart


PAsmart, is designed to make PA the most prepared and talented workforce in the country by helping business succeed, grow the middle class, and strengthen the economy. Led by the governor of Pennsylvania, PAsmart includes partnerships with private industry and schools, to strategically invest in science and technology education, by increasing on-the-job training for CS/STEM careers.

We’ll share this emerging initiative through one of the PAsmart projects. Diverse perspectives from the PA Department of Education, school leaders, and educational researchers will be explored as we discuss plans to increase equitable participation in CS, particularly among girls and students of color, by focusing on collaborative problem-solving and on gauging key competencies in computer science.

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  1. Learn about the state-wide implementation process and ideas for creating your own successful initiative for increasing talented workforce development.
  2. Understand program components and partnerships from the PAsmart grant entitled, Building Robust Learning Ecologies and Pathways in Computer Science.
  3. Learn about research initiatives to gauge key competencies in CS and increase equitable participation in CS among girls and students of color.



Aileen Owens, Dir of Innovation, South Fayette Township School District

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