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SXSW 2020

The Experience Paradox: Personalization and Ethics

Love it or hate it, gathering data for personalization creates better results and also helps the user. Here within lies a paradox: are we willing to pay for better experiences with our privacy? While we unconsciously know that some of the user experiences offered have persuasion patterns in them, we still go forward in buying products and services.
Companies are faced with massive ethical issues, do they embrace this thirst for its users' privacy by turning it’s data in weaponized experiences or do they take the high road and potentially lose out on the competition.
In this talk, a UX Designer and a Data Conversion Specialist will agree and disagree on “the good and the bad” of personalized experiences and discuss what by having ethical boundaries can actually do to make them better.

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  1. How to deliver good and ethical user experiences matching business and users goals?
  2. How to engage creative teams and data teams to collaborate more with each other?
  3. How dependent Data and Design disciplines will be from each other in the near future?


  • Carolina Novais, Interaction Designer, Dept
  • Alvina Kalami, CRO Specialist, Dept


Caroliona Novais, Interaction Designer, Depthen

Meta Information:

  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Presentation
  • Track: Design
  • Level: Intermediate
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