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SXSW 2020

Burnout or Build up: Mental Health in the Workplace

The modern worker is feeling the pressure of always being on, increasingly tense political climates, juggling side-gigs and striving to keep some semblance of a work-life balance, all while competing against machines for their jobs. As a new generation rises in the workforce, how are these stresses impacting their mental health? In this unscripted “fishbowl” style session, audience members will interact with PhD’s, HR practitioners and executive panelists while they dig into new data released for the first time on the SXSW stage discussing what the most toxic cultures are today and what employers and employees alike can do to make the future of work a successful and healthier environment for all.

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  1. Learn a new language: How we currently speak about mental health has baggage. Learn to take a fresh approach with clarity and fewer misconceptions
  2. Lead with empathy: How do you respond in uncomfortable situations? Learn tools to help listen, respond to and care for mental health in the workplace
  3. Recognize and understand triggers: What is going to push your employees over the edge? Learn what to look for and how to avoid these hot buttons


  • Courtney Harrison, Chief Human Resources Officer, OneLogin
  • Bindu Garapaty, Psy.D., Director- Global Mentoring Program, Diversity & Inclusion, Gilead Sciences
  • Mohanjit Jolly, Partner, Iron Pillar
  • Ruth Umoh, Forbes Staff Writer - Diversity & Inclusion, Forbes


Courtney Harrison, Chief Human Resources Officer, OneLogin

Meta Information:

  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Workplace
  • Track 2
  • Level: Beginner
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