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Mesa&Cadeira+GOOD: learning through doing

Mesa&Cadeira (that’s Table&Chair, in Portuguese) is a São Paulo based education project that believes in learning through doing. It organizes workshops in which participants sit together at a table and work on a real project. To lead the group, one professional who is outstanding in his/her field: passionated about what he/she does and eager to move the world forward.
GOOD is a widely recognized and acclaimed collaboration of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits pushing the world forward, that understands doing and action are fundamental to the world we are living in.
GOOD and Mesa&Cadeira believe in connecting the creative, social innovation movement around the globe and giving people the tools to learn and do more together.
For SXSWEdu, we would like to bring the pressing question "what kind of school can prepare kids for the future?" to the table and answer it the way Mesa&Cadeira would: by working on a real project: to create a prototype of a new school curriculum.

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Learning Objectives

  1. What kind of school can prepare kids for the future? Participants will reflect on this question while actually designing a new curriculum that could work for schools. By working on something real, a prototype, we will be able to reach answers that balance both imagination and practicality.
  2. Is doing the best way to educate for action? In a world that is changing constantly and therefore requires citizens to act more frequently, could the model of learning through doing be the solution? By blurring the boundaries between learning and acting can you inspire the next generation to become better doers and, therefore, become more responsible citizens?
  3. What are the most exciting education projects happening in the world right now? Mesa&Cadeira is one example that offers a really innovative perspective on learning. Created by a Brazilian who's lived and worked in England, India, Italy and Spain, it's quickly become the network through which creative minds from around the world meet the São Paulo based community of doers to work together.



Barbara Soalheiro, Founder, Mesa&Cadeira

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