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SXSWedu 2013

Supporting a generation of Digital Makers

Technology is shaping our world, yet most people still only consume it. To harness its potential, learners need to understand how it works and what is possible. Going beyond theoretical instruction, young people can be empowered to gain new digital skills by making things they are passionate about – from web pages to robots. So how do we encourage a generation of young people to be digital makers?

In the UK, Mozilla, Nesta and Nominet Trust are working with partners to spark a digital making movement.


To connect existing opportunities and amplify impact. To make more activities available to learners. Most importantly, to change perspectives on what we learn (digital skills are more than coding), how we learn (not just transmitting theory) and where we can learn (anywhere!).

Sharing experiences from this collaborative work-in-progress, we will bring participants into a lively discussion on how digital making can become a core educational experience for youth everywhere.

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  1. What is digital making and why is it important for young people’s learning futures?
  2. How do we support a generation of young people to become digital makers?
  3. What’s going on in the UK (and beyond) and how can a movement amplify its impact?


  • Kathleen Stokes, Policy Advisor for Education in a Digital Environment, Nesta
  • Doug Belshaw, Badges & Skills Lead, Mozilla Foundation


Kathleen Stokes, Policy Advisor for Education in a Digital Environment, Nesta

Meta Information:

  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Dual Presentation
  • Track: DIY and Maker
  • Level: Intermediate
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