SXSW 2020

Experience Designers Meet Up


Imagine engaging all 5 senses at your next strategy meeting. At the Deloitte Greenhouse, we leverage experiential storytelling by infusing food, theatre, and unique physical spaces to inspire a productively playful experience for our clients when they are tackling their most-pressing organizational challenges. Leveraging storytelling, we create inspirational environments that captivate the imagination of the consumer, create an emotional connection, and curate an experience that delivers breakthroughs. This meet-up is designed to bring all people involved in delivering experiences: (such as designers, meeting and event planners, and facilitators, business transformation leaders) together to collaborate on elevating experiences to drive impact in any setting.

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  1. Engaging the 5 senses: . Explore how Deloitte and others leverage the 5 senses to create business and personal breakthroughs
  2. How Deloitte Greenhouse lab experience deliver breakthrough in business-under the hood of our Signature Experience Program
  3. Collaborate with various experts on how to provide differentiated experiences that drive people to action


  • Lynette Horton, Partner, Deloitte
  • Andrea Brown, Senior Manager - Toronto Regional Market Leader, Deloitte


Sarah Ramsay, Mgr, Deloitte

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Meet Up
  • Track: Fantastic Future
  • Track 2
  • Level: Beginner

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