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3D Digital Storytelling, Empathy, and Voice

Our world is 3D; why aren’t our stories? Traditional stories rely on 2D technologies like paper or images. However, new technologies allow us to not only tell stories in multi-dimensional ways but also experience the creator’s perspective through their eyes. In this interactive workshop, we will introduce 3D digital storytelling in a variety of mediums, including 360 video and photogrammetry/game design; participants will also experiment with these technologies to tell their own stories.

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  1. To Introduce audience to storytelling with 3D technologies
  2. To Model the Principles of Design (with a focus on empathy and voice) in the use of 3D technologies
  3. To Empower participants to tell their stories and to help others do the same



Jim Pedrech, Teacher/Department Head, London District Catholic School Board

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