SXSW 2020

Creating Brilliant Stories and Experiences in AR


We’re in the early stages of augmented reality adoption and while many initial explorations have focused on augmenting the self through comical masks and bunny ears, there’s a level of craft, storytelling and experiences within AR that we should all be building towards. As a brand, agency or an individual creator, the potential and power of AR has barely been realized. We’re at an inflection point where it’s critical to create experiences that push beyond how the public sees and embraces AR. Whether it’s re-imaging how music videos are created or how street art is experienced, this panel, will focus on creative agencies, creators, brands and the platform (Spark AR) and their creative process to evolving how the public at large uses AR to see themselves, their communities & our world

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  1. Augmented reality is in its infancy and we, as creators/agencies/platform, have a responsibility to build experiences beyond novelty.
  2. How creators of all types and experience levels can use Facebook’s Spark AR platform to create and share AR effects with a global audience.
  3. AR effects can be both simple in its design yet complex in its storytelling and consumer CTA.



Larry Lac, Creative Agency Partner, Facebook

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