SXSW 2020

Beyond the Stadium: Revolutionizing Fan Experience


The last decade has seen many digital progressions – from big screens to small screens to voice and alternative realities. In the next era, companies are redefining how brand and content detach from physical interfaces and blend with the real world—providing enhanced experiences for consumers and significant value for businesses. For this to happen, initiatives will depend on data and insights to scale emerging technology with individual values. Nelson Kunkel, Deloitte Digital, is working with high-profile teams and stadiums, to create not only experience-driven spaces, but viable financial business platforms. He and a group of sports executives will discuss what it means to be digital in a physical space, drawing parallels from fan engagement to sectors like retail and healthcare.

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  1. Taking content off the screen and into a real-world experience will not only benefit consumers but also enhance business models and revenue.
  2. Brands who digitize their business models will create an experience that extends beyond the stadium.
  3. Companies who are able to merge digital and physical spaces will influence consumer experiences across industries – retail, healthcare, sports.



Julia Shapiro, Account Executive, Allison+Partners

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