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The Million Dollar Club is Getting Less White


Why should the startup world care about what we call, the Million Dollar Club? Well, the median seed round raised by companies is approximately $600,000, so $1MM raised would indicate the startup has been able to raise additional funding after their seed round. Harlem Capital found 117 founders of color that raised over $1MM and Digitalundivided’s Alice Report found 34 Black women founders raised over $1MM in 2017, this is up from only 12 in 2015. That number continues to grow. By the end of 2017, 58 Latinx Women have raised over $1MM in venture funding. Hear from founders of color that accomplished this great achievement, how they did it, and how we can support other founders raise over $1MM in capital.

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  1. What is the Million Dollar Club and why does it matter for entrepreneurs?
  2. How can you expand access to capital for people of color and women?
  3. How can a founder make it to the Million Dollar Club?



Jenn Roche, Program Associate, The Case Foundation

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