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Don’t Blame Schools for Unfilled Crappy Jobs

We hear a lot about low unemployment, plentiful jobs, and how employers have a talent issue: they can’t find people with the right skills and they blame the schools. But it’s not a talent problem. It’s a jobs problem. Most of these jobs are low paying and low quality. It’s time to flip the script. Educators are in a unique position to get employers to create better jobs and make them accessible to everyone. Sending kids into bad jobs would be a terrible waste of teachers’ hard work and passion.

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  1. Understand how to help make jobs better and more equitable for students.
  2. Learn to flip the conversation from “education needs to change” to “employers need to change."
  3. Receive guidance on influencing the private sector to meet the needs of students.



Lisa Chensvold, Marketing & Communications Director, National Fund for Workforce Solutions

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