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Town and Gown: Together at Last

Cities are faced with understanding and using new technologies in unprecedented ways. Research universities are exploring social, ethical and policy impacts of these new technologies and the trends associated with them. The panel discusses the impediments and solutions to meeting the demand for research insight from city governments and the desire for real world relevance for research by universities.

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  1. Using examples, understand how policy or community impacting research by universities can be made accessible to policy makers.
  2. What use cases, success criteria and roles can cities provide in helping make research by universities relevant to their communities.
  3. Research contracts of cities and universities are often ill matched. We discuss changes to that will facilitate mutually productive collaboration



Ted Lehr, Data Architect, City of Austin

Meta Information:

  • Tags: social justice
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Policy & Civic Engagement
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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