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Advancing School and Community Collaborations

Schools and community partners struggle to identify, implement and sustain partnerships that provide all students with real-world learning opportunities. Five League of Innovative Schools districts co-designed a solution that supports district leaders in designing a real-world learning program and helps teachers create and implement authentic opportunities that are connected to skills, content and competencies. Learn about these tools and how districts are using them!

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  1. 1. Broaden your definition of real world learning.
  2. 2. Learn about the key pillars of a Real World Learning Framework, and see how the Builder tool supports district leaders in developing programs.
  3. 3. Learn about the planning resources available to teachers, and tips for connecting with community partners in the Real World Learning Roadmap.



Donnarae Wade, Education Networks Implementation Manager, Digital Promise

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  • Tags: instruction, community
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Talk
  • Track: K-12 Education
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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