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SXSW Interactive 2013

Internet, I Am In You! A NASA Rover Lands Online

A tweet that will live in infamy, "GALE CRATER, I AM IN YOU" heralded a new era of space exploration and conversation between NASA and the general public. As the Curiosity Mars rover touched down on the Red Planet, the teams at NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory were sharing the historic event on Twitter, Facebook, Ustream, YouTube, Google+, Xbox Live, mobile apps and in-real-life landing parties. The Mars Science Laboratory mission propelled the interest and attention of the nation back onto the space program — all while competing against the London Olympics and the presidential campaign. And what the public saw was a hipper, more accessible NASA — one that generated an avalanche of memes from Unimpressed Curiosity to Mohawk Guy. What went on behind the scenes with this campaign that helped NASA capture the public's attention, and can NASA and JPL keep the interest and excitement going?

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  1. What results from this campaign were expected and which came as a surprise?
  2. How long ago did you start these efforts?
  3. What were the most effective channels for public engagement?
  4. How did NASA get involved in gaming, specifically working with xBox?
  5. How will you keep the enthusiasm going for the length of the mission?



Courtney O'Connor, Social Media Specialist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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