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BL/PL Toolbox: Putting Innovation Into Action

Educators & leaders strive to ensure that ALL students are supported in an effective & equitable manner. Integrating technology with in-person instruction through personalized & blended learning can be a powerful way to achieve this goal. This interactive, learner-centered session offers stations featuring: how to set up specific structures (e.g., station rotation), strategic planning with data, & how to implement specific strategies to personalize & engage students in their own learning.

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  1. Explore various approaches and entry points you can take to personalize instruction for your students in meaningful ways.
  2. Learn about examples of blended teaching & learning practices that enable & support specific models, strategic data use, & personalization.
  3. Identify key strategies & practices you can use in your own instructional models to better support & personalize for your students.



Juliana Finegan, Managing Partner, The Learning Accelerator

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