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Film-Inspired Students Catalyze Climate Action

Participants will form groups and compare curiosities about our unstable relationship with the environment. We'll speed through a micro version of the Unstoppable Schools Project: Research! Action! Exhibition! We will discuss the potential for climate action in our own school communities. Can we increase engagement, autonomy and awareness in our students by asking them to tackle this huge, real-world problem? Leave with free access to the curriculum and the film that inspired it: Chasing Coral.

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  1. Engage your own curiosity to engage your students' curiosity
  2. Recognize ways to turn research into action by building tools to help students evaluate research questions and design actions for maximum impact
  3. Use documentary film to inspire student engagement, and organize student efforts for public exhibition according to the precise needs of the community



Vickie Curtis, Writer & Education Coordinator, Exposure Labs

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