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Isabel Sexual Maltreatment Response Certification

If someone tells you they were sexually maltreated, do you know what to say? If they share the details of their story, do you know how to take care of yourself emotionally? "Meet" an imaginary character named Isabel who is a survivor of sexual maltreatment. After the training, if Isabel​ ​were real, you would know what to say to help her. Discussing trauma through this story-telling lens has helped community leaders feel prepared to respond to the real "Isabels" in their lives. Join them!

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  1. Feel empowered to respond appropriately to a survivor of sexual maltreatment while maintaining your own emotional equilibrium.
  2. Identify your personalized connection to the Drama Triangle (as described by Dr. Stephen Karpman).
  3. Create healthier day-to-day interactions that reduce the risk of sexual maltreatment in your community.



Anna Westbrook, Founder & CEO, Anna Westbrook Community Leadership

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