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Deadliest Catch's Twitter for Tough Guys

Social media is a pervasive part of our lives – from how we connect with our family & friends to how we consume media. But is it for everyone? How about the macho, foul-mouthed crab fisherman who spend months in the frigid waters off the coast of Alaska?

This panel, featuring captains from the popular Discovery Channel series “Deadliest Catch,” will look at the role of social media in the success and sustainability of the show. Whether creating special editions of shows in three days featuring fan commentary, adding live tweets to premieres of the series’ “After the Catch” companion show or engaging with audiences across social media year-round, “Deadliest Catch” is the perfect example of how a social strategy can evolve with a nonfiction TV series and its real-world talent.

Captains Sig, Johnathan and Keith will open up about their social media evolution – from naysayers to addicts (yes, Sig admits to “using Twitter on the shitter”) – and how they directly engage with fans.

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  1. How do networks work with talent to drive and strengthen social engagement?
  2. How do you use social media without compromising the “must-see” aspect of the show?
  3. Why should real-world TV talent take time to cultivate their fan base on social media?
  4. Who really does the tweeting and posting?
  5. What happens when talent over-share or worse on social media?



Amber Harris, Director, Digital Communications & Social Media, Discovery Communications

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