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The State of the Hackathon

When did hackathons become a thing? There was a time when we were lucky to get a single event every two or three months, but now it seems like there's two or three every weekends! We've seen an emergence of non-traditional hackathons in spaces like art and music and events that have prizes upwards of $25,000. This session will try to make sense of all the craziness surrounding hackathons and discuss them at length in terms of their past, present, and future.

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  1. Why did hackathons become so popular? Who's benefiting from them and is the attention doing any real good for the community?
  2. How have hackathons changed over the last year? How are they going to evolve in the year to come?
  3. What are the most successful events and why are they better than others?
  4. How can we fix the things that are broken with hackathons?
  5. What is the future of hackathons?



Mike Swift, Developer Evangelist, SendGrid

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