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Crash and Boon: Iceland, Women & Business Success

Four and a half years after the infamous banking crisis, Iceland's women entrepreneurs are thriving and creating new, globally facing companies. Many credit the crash for helping the Icelandic business community develop confidence in their own ideas and the strength to take a risk on themselves. In this session we'll learn what's unique about Icelandic women entrepreneurs and how their experiences can be applied to other communities of women business owners around the world. The session will focus on 4 areas of business where Icelandic women entrepreneurs are finding success: Mobile, eCommerce, Marketing and Education.


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  1. How are these entrepreneurs finding the right funding options and scaling to build a global company?
  2. What can women entrepreneurs do to achieve success, no matter the economy?
  3. What are the challenges and advantages to doing business in both the North American and European Markets?
  4. What are the mistakes that often prevent women business owners from succeeding?
  5. How has social media and online communications impacted market research and business development?



Ingibjorg Greta Gisladottir, Founder /CEO, Reykjavik Runway ltd

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