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The Slow Web and the Attention Economy

Our tech lives are spent in an attention economy, where websites get value from finding new ways to get your eyeballs on their ads. As a result, we are constantly bombarded with information: push notifications to our phones, emails in our inbox, posts in our news feed, tweets in our stream. The Slow Web movement aims to reduce the noise and, in doing so, facilitate high quality interactions in an attempt to earn users’ appreciation and loyalty. I will explain the value of this counter-intuitive approach to the attention economy and demonstrate how your startup or app can become part of the movement to slow down the web.


  1. If I want users to use my app a lot, doesn't it make sense to let them know instantly when something happens?
  2. Why should I be concerned about the amount of noise my website or app generates?
  3. Will slowing things down make me lose users?
  4. How can I encourage adoption of the slow web movement by my company and peers?
  5. What concrete steps can I take to slow things down?



Ryan Freebern, Lead Developer, Union Street Media

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