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Design and Science: More Than a Pretty Picture

Many people think of science as abstract and numerical. But science is a remarkably visual endeavor. Design plays an important role in science communication, but it’s more than just creating pretty pictures. This panel aims to be your guide to the creative side of discovery and the new approaches to communicating science through visual expression. We’ll show examples of successful design and less-than-successful design, and explore and how designers and scientists can work together to communicate through an engaging and accessible language.

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  1. What are the challenges of persuading researchers into reevaluating their perpetuated bad design judgments?
  2. What makes a design successful?
  3. What is the best graphic to communicate your work?
  4. With all of the tools available to us in the digital age, why are we still reading black text in a long vertical line?
  5. Why are physicists so fond of Comic Sans?



Jennifer Jongsma, Director of Production, Annual Reviews

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