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Mindfulness+Heartfulness = 21st c Survival Skills

We live in tumultuous times. Along with critical thinking and problem solving abilities, new skills need to be taught. From yoga to VR apps to self-compassion exercises, educators realize the need to connect learning curriculums to real-world issues. At a time of increased xenophobia and nationalism, education that emphasizes a sense of shared humanity, empathy and interconnectedness is crucial. This concept is by no means novel - these skills are critical to our survival of the 21st century.

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Learning Objectives

  1. 1) necessity of focusing on empathic and emotional intelligence in the classroom and developing vocabulary to express these insights and act
  2. 2) necessity for feeling a sense of shared humanity and understanding the concept of cultural relativity in order to promote peace and growth
  3. 3) necessity for tackling the truly important issues that concern us all, such as climate change, pollution, preservation of environments and habitats



Taya Pocock, Founder and Executive Director, Humanity360

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