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Scientist in Residence: In-Classroom STEM Mentors

Do STEM professional role models make a difference in K12 classrooms? In 2002, UT Austin's Environmental Science Institute began asking, what happens if the role model is a STEM graduate student who spends a consistent amount of time in the classroom? Hear from a K-12 teacher, a STEM graduate student, and the program's director on the student impact of the highly-successful Scientist in Residence program at The University of Texas at Austin.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Impact of consistent STEM role model in a K-12 classroom on student's science interest and pursuit.
  2. The importance of including bilingual, Spanish speakers as role models - especially when working with Title 1 and diverse schools.
  3. Scientist in Residence is a highly impactful program that can be replicated in any city with a major research university.



Erika Lueker-Tarango, Asst Dir for Dev & Mktg, UT Austin Environmental Science Institute

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