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Why Pedagogy of Belonging?

When you think back to your school experiences, did you have a teacher or professor who cared about you personally? Belonging is a fundamental human need, it acts as a precursor to other aspects of positive functioning in the classroom. This is a social justice equity intervention that entails engaging learners in critical thinking, fostering relationships, making learning meaningful by building on their experiences, and challenging students to advocate for themselves and others.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Educators will learn the transformation that occurs when the classroom is disrupted by the pedagogy of belonging.
  2. Learners will engage in evidence-based activities to help educators develop and practice their personal pedagogy of belonging.
  3. Drive awareness when students were engaged in the classroom their motivation, expectations of success, and belief in their value of their work increas



Jennifer Saenz, Asst Dir Strategic Partners, The University of Texas at Austin OnRamps

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