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Architectural Intelligence: AI & Design

The history of AI is the history of design. As surprising as it may seem, AI researchers and cyberneticists turned to architects and designers to design the interfaces of AI in the 1960s, 70s & 80s—and to envision new worlds & new futures. In this book reading, Molly Wright Steenson shows how luminaries like Nicholas Negroponte with the MIT AI Lab & Christopher Alexander at UC Berkeley put in place the foundation of our digital landscape—in ways that reverberate deeply today.


  1. Why did AI researchers need to work with designers & architects to bring their visions to life?
  2. What did these collaborations between AI and architects/designers put in place that we still see today?
  3. As designers figure out where they fit into an AI future, what can they learn from these previous collaborations to show the way?



Molly Steenson, Assoc Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

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