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AR: Museum-as-a-Platform for Artists & Educators

In 2017, augmented reality (AR) leaped into the mainstream lens through Pokemon Go, Snapchat, and Instagram filters. What happens when a museums gives creative license and charges the artists and educators, themselves, to experiment, interpret and challenge what it means to use AR? Explore the relationship between artist, institution/educators, and technologist as well as museums’ growing role as a platform for artists and creative digital experiences.

Learning Objectives

  1. What is the museums’ role as a platform for artists and creative digital experiences?
  2. Will augmented reality (AR) mature into a serious artistic/creative medium and how long will that journey take, if ever?
  3. What is the artists' process when working in emergent mediums that blur the lines between physical and digital canvas?



Brendan Ciecko, Founder & CEO, Cuseum

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