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Engagement, Evolved: AR & The Future Of Live Video

A decade ago, social media revolutionized how brands interacted with consumers. As we enter 2018 however, it’s all but white noise. What’s next for digital community building and brand engagement? The answer lies in giving brands the power to intimately and rawly connect with consumers like never before. Facebook & ustwo dive into the evolution of Facebook Live, the challenge of designing for a platform of 2 billion people, and how to truly connect with users in an age of instant gratification.

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  1. What’s possible with Facebook Live, and how can brands take full advantage of Facebook Live Effects?
  2. What were the challenges of learning how to “design for everyone” on a platform of over 2 billion users, and how were they overcome?
  3. What are the fundamentals of creating an engaging, intimate, and entertaining branded Facebook Live Effect experience that consumers will love?



Casey Hopkins, Head of Mktg & Events, ustwo Studios

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