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Can We Create Consciousness in a Machine?

Consciousness is the deepest part of humanity. Now, innovative research is ushering in a new era of truly intelligent machines. They will be our partners in solving the great medical, technical, and scientific problems of the world. And their thinking may share some of the fantastic beauty, unpredictability, and creativity of our own. Join the world’s top thinkers on machine consciousness to debate the challenges and realities of this strange new world.

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  1. What kind of work is being done to copy the brain, and what is the goal of this research?
  2. Do we need to consider the emotions and feelings of a conscious AI and how will it affect our society, laws, morals, and sense of humanity?
  3. Do machines need consciousness to outperform us, or do we need them to have it because of how we relate to the world?



Beth Surmont, Sr Mgr Strategic Programs, IEEE

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