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A Roboticist, Ethicist, & Novelist Walk Into a Bar

How do we separate science fact from science fiction? What is the reality of where we truly are with robotics and AI capabilities? How do media portrayals shape our opinions on technology? And how are the ethical and societal implications of technology considered in each realm? Join the conversation as a roboticist, an ethicist, and a graphic novelist discuss their roles in the messaging around technological advancements.

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  1. What is the actual current state of robotics/AI development?
  2. How does the entertainment world (books, film, etc.) portray the current state & related ethical and societal implications of robotics/AI development?
  3. What role do technologists and the entertainment world have in how technology and its related ethical and societal implications are portrayed?



Mark A. Vasquez, IEEE TechEthics Program Mgr, IEEE

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